Medical Oncology

Medical Oncology / Hematology

The division of Medical Oncology provides medical expertise for the treatment and prevention of solid tumors and hematologic neoplasms. Medical Oncology is the study and treatment of cancers with chemicals (chemotherapy), biological products and immunotherapy. Chemotherapy kills cancer cells and tumors with chemotherapeutic drugs given IV (in the vein) or IM (in the muscle). Some anticancer agents are taken orally (by mouth).

Hematology is a distinct sub specialty of internal medicine, separate from but overlapping with the sub specialty of medical oncology. Hematology is the study of blood, the blood-forming organs and blood diseases.


Dr. William Kamanda, MD
 Dr. William Kamanda is a medical oncologist in South Bend, Indiana. He received his medical degree from A. M. Dogliotti School of Medicine and has been in practice for more than 20 years.

 Infusion Services:
Clermont County Cancer Center offers outpatient infusion services by competent and trained nurses in oncology who are available for care, emotional support and patient education in all stages of the disease process. The infusions include administration of chemotherapy, IV fluids, targeted therapies, and supportive injections. These services are provided for patients with solid tumors, and both benign and malignant hematologic diseases. The Center provides a pleasant environment with expansive windows and individual televisions that have DVD capabilities.Patients can have their blood drawn at the center to help prevent extra visits to the local hospital or another laboratory. In addition all pharmaceuticals are prepared on site prior to the infusion to ensure safe preparation and handling of the agents.

Patients receive chemotherapy, maintenance and regular follow-ups as outpatients. For patients needing both radiation therapy and chemotherapy services, Clermont County Cancer Center is a multidisciplinary treatment center, providing both therapies at one, convenient location with a team committed to providing exceptional coordinated care.

Patients here are already benefiting from the individualized treatments and preventive strategies designed to meet their unique personal healthcare needs close to home.

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